What happened in the crypto markets this week?

The big boys were offloading

As a technical analyst/trader, my job is to forecast a direction in price based on market conditions, historical data, a little statistics and trade balance. Aside from being properly positioned to benefit from this directional move in price, the most fascinating thing about technical analysis and trading is that you get to see the changes before they occur on the news and the effects in the real world.

What is Order Flow?

One of the beautiful things about the financial markets is that behind all the chaotic charts and volatility, lies some of the most reliable sources of information than any public information website can give you. How does order flow come into play?

  • They can offset trade balance just by pumping capital into a particular position and alert the markets on their idea
  • The losses they take on spreads and commission are huge

One thing you must know…

The markets are pro-asset, which means the majority of interest (of any asset)is primarily a buying one. The problem however is, when the price of an asset keeps going up that is a sign of high demand, the follow up challenge becomes this; if everyone is buying who’s selling?

The news is not so new

By the time something starts trending on the news it’s often too late to benefit from it because let’s face it; human greed tries to keep it a secret for as long as possible. However if you take the wealth of nation’s concept of the invisible man; then you’ll understand the power of incentives.

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